Signature Pad duraSign Pad Brilliance

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The duraSign Pad Brilliance is the first offspring of a completely new product family, the... more
Product information "Signature Pad duraSign Pad Brilliance"
The duraSign Pad Brilliance is the first offspring of a completely new product family, the "duraSign Pad Series" from StepOver Europe. This product series and therefore also this signature pad impresses with its extreme durability, paired with the highest security and a noble appearance.

In combination with the asymmetrically offset screen, the design of this signature pad also enables unsurpassed ergonomics for the signer, whether left- or right-handed. Sign as if you were signing on a piece of paper. Top pad internal security paired with an optional internal real-time clock, for a secure date stamp on every signature, and optional opening detection make this signature pad special.

- High-resolution color screen (800x480 pixels) for displaying signatures, texts, document excerpts and interactive buttons
- Display of the entire document possible
- Slide show: max. 4 pieces (self-created by free StepOver ImageLoader)
- Adjusting the brightness of the pad screen, as well as deactivating the color screen
- Document view mode
- Dialog mode
- Possibility to switch to different transfer protocols (HID - driverless, VCom - port forwarding / com port forwarding, Wyse - ThinOS)
- Possibility for theft protection by means of Kensington lock mount (only certain Kensington models, see datasheet)
- Easy repetition of failed signatures without wasting paper and time
- Cost saving of repeated monitors at the switch
- Suitable for right and left handed users
- Easy accessible pen holder on top of the case for stationary use
- Special pen required (no batteries needed for pen)
- Tempered glass as writing surface and 3 mm thick case wall for maximum durability
- Screw holders for fixed mounting for stationary use
- Unbeatably accurate capture of signature data (highest possible resolution of image, Pressure and time history) for best possible comparability by a handwriting expert
- Document integrity is ensured by our unique and patented security concept with asymmetric encryption in the signature pad
- USB cable: 200 cm long (interchangeable with a standard USB cable up to 300 cm long)
- No extra power supply (USB cable is sufficient)
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properties "Signature Pad duraSign Pad Brilliance"
Article category: Signature pad
Signature pad display: LCD color
Signature pad scroll function: Ja
Signature pad interface: USB
Signature Pad Sensor: ERT
Signature pad active writing surface: 109 x 67 mm
Signature pad life expectancy: 30.000.000 signatures
Signature Pad Warranty: 24 months
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